Jetson-20-1-H2 to factory settings

Im looking for restoring my Jetson-20-1-H2 (Jetson Xavier NX 16 GB module with pre-installed Jet-Pack system) to factory settings because of storage problems. Would be nice if anyone recommends some documentation that i had not seen before.

Until now, id checked reComputer-J202x-datasheet and reComputer-J202-carrier-board-datasheet, but these has no reference to recovery or factory settings feature.

How can i reset my Jetson to factory settings? There are some backup to use?

You should try below guidance from Seeed studio:

Please check J202 Carrier Board - Seeed Wiki (

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Hello there, this is elaine from Seeed. please check this wiki for recovery or factory settings for Jetson 20-1-H2: A20X Carrier Boards Serials Getting Started - Seeed Wiki

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I followed the instructions of @elainewu and it work perfectly to the Jetson Xavier NX (A206) by using force recovery mode and the SDK manager.

You can close this issue. Thanks, regards.

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