Jetson 35.1 Linux build will fail if CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF=y

I can build the kernel v5.10.104 which came along with jetson 35.1 development kit with the tegra default kernel config. However, if I customized the default config by adding CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF=y, the build would end up this error :

LD .tmp_vmlinux.kallsyms1
KSYMS .tmp_vmlinux.kallsyms1.S
AS .tmp_vmlinux.kallsyms1.S
LD .tmp_vmlinux.kallsyms2
KSYMS .tmp_vmlinux.kallsyms2.S
AS .tmp_vmlinux.kallsyms2.S
LD vmlinux
BTFIDS vmlinux
FAILED unresolved symbol netlink_sock

I did some initial analysis. if I enabled this same config for a upstream v5.10.104, the build can complete successfully. Further more, if I removed all the Nvidia patches from the v5.10.104 kernel which is delivered with Jetson 35.1, then the build could succeed as well.

So I believe this error is caused by some of these Nvidia patches which patched the kernel v5.10.104.

Hope Nvidia will investigate and fix this problem.

This forum is about the x86 linux driver, I guess your post should belong in one about Jetson: