Jetson 36.2 kernel/module rebuild

Hello! After a steep learning curve, I managed to rebuild 35 with nconfig a few months back. I captured my efforts here for my future self.

I recently reflashed my Orin NX (not that it matters which board it is, I suppose) with 36.2, and I need to enable some kernel flags again (much fewer than last time, though!). I checked the source code and it’s dramatically different. I grabbed new files from source, and I can’t seem to get the incantation correct. After running sourcesync, I can’t seem to find where to place nvbuild without getting errors about missing files.

Anyone have a quick howto on how to get to a place where I can run nconfig to enable some modules?

For Jetpack 6, we are aligning with upstream kernel and there are much deviation. Please refer to developer guide of Jetpack 6:
Kernel — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

Thanks, Dane! That guide was helpful, but lacking a bit. I pieced together the exact steps I needed. I was only adding a kernel module, specifically CONFIG_NET_CLS_BPF for cilium, so the following worked for me. No need to replace the entire kernel image.

sudo apt install build-essential bc libssl-dev libncurses-dev pkg-config

wget -O drivers.tbz2
tar -xvpf drivers.tbz2

cd Linux_for_Tegra/source
./ -k -t jetson_36.2

cd kernel/kernel-jammy-src
make nconfig
make modules
sudo make modules_install

# I can't seem to get the -tegra suffix to take. Any ideas?
sudo cp -r /lib/modules/5.15.122/* /lib/modules/5.15.122-tegra/
sudo depmod

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