Jetson 4.2+ possibly breaks USB2.0 Port 2

I have a device plugged into USB2.0 Port 2 on the TX2 through the TX2’s B42/B43 pins on the TX2’s main connector. I’m using a ConnectTech Elroy mPCIe carrier, with the latest version of the board support package, CTI_L4T_V126.

The USB device worked fine with Jetpack 3.3, but stopped working after upgrading to Jetpack 4.2+ and CTI_L4T_122+.

The device enumerates over USB just fine, but no drivers (particularly cdc_acm in this case) will bind to it.

The issue is isolated to USB2.0 Port 2. If I plug the device into USB2.0 Port 1, the device works just fine and drivers will bind.

I know its not a hardware issue, as I reflashed back to Jetpack 3.3 and the device works fine again on Port 2.

So something must have changed in configuration between Jetpack 3.3 and 4.2 that stops USB2.0 Port 2 from working properly.

The problem could also be from ConnectTech’s BSP if it did not handle changes in Jetpack 3.3/4.2 related to USB2.0 Port 2.

Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

You will want to state if this is a devel kit carrier or something else, and if something else, what BSP is used for that other carrier.

You are right, thanks for the heads up. Edited my original post to include that information.

Are the drivers still present in the new kernel? Check from this or adjust for any requirement:

gunzip < /proc/config.gz | grep -i 'cdc_acm'

Also, the BSP has to set up the device tree for any changes, and so if only the kernel, or only part of the device tree were updated, then this might still need kernel or device tree updates. CTI would have to comment on what changes are required for device tree, but kernel drivers could be easily checked by the above method (if you know what the requirements are).

Btw, if the kernel is modified, always check to see if modules exist somewhere within:

/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/

It is quite common for people to update a kernel and fail to set up the module search location (and thus module features would fail, and any driver in module format would appear to be missing).

New update: I talked with CTI on the phone earlier today… and it does look like the issue stems from their BSP. They were able to recreate the issue on their end, and indicated that they believe the problem is with the mPCIe drivers for the carrier board. They are working on a patch now to include in their next release…

Once they have a patch in place, they said they’d e-mail me with the cause and instructions on how to correct it manually since it might be some time before their next release. I’ll include that information here in case anybody else is having the same issue.

Thanks so much for all of the help!