Jetson 4.5.1 required URL not responding; NVIDIA.COM

I am attempting to install Jetson 4.5.1 via sdkmanager. The install has reached a stopping point and is looking to access NVIDIA.COM which is not responding. Ping times out. Is this server down or is there an issue with the install process?

I have access to “”. Is that the full address? Also, what part of the world are you in? I am in USA, and sometimes there are different servers at different regions of the world.

It was. I attempted to ping on the dev system, the ubuntu computer, as well as other systems in my lab. Speaking with TS at allied they suggested ignoring it. I did so, and the process seemed to succeed finishing the install without addition error reports.

I am still curious if you can or cannot now access that via a web browser? If it is down, then you might see what shows up via “traceroute”.

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