Jetson & 4K / UHD Monitor compatibility

Hello everyone,

I’d like to grab one of the less expensive 4K displays out there after the holidays and was hoping someone could share their experiences with using one with a Jetson TK1.

I’m assuming the HDMI would only output at 30Hz? I think I read somewhere that the board does output Displayport signals - would 60Hz be possible with the DP? I’ll probably use the HDMI port in any event.

Will the EDID and settings work automatically or will I need to manually make changes?


I you get only 30 Hz. There’s HDMI port that works out of the box and while the expansion header gives some other signals out, I don’t think people have been able to successfully use them.

I’ve tested the “4K” (really UltraHD, 3840x2160, 2160p) with Jetson and it works without changes. The LG I’ve tested does not report 2160p30 as the first mode, so X.Org picks 1080p60 but you can use any XRandR tool to change that to 2160p30.

At least one forum member here has gone and built a custom eDP PCB adapter (a real adapter and not just a bunch of wires soldered to a cable) and he didn’t get anything on the Jetson side to recognize the display. This makes me think that we haven’t figured out yet how to turn it on correctly. From my experience it is easy to get a display port auxiliary channel correctly connected (low speed on DP 1.X or initial DP2.X handshake), which is why it might be a driver issue. The good news is that Nvidia admitted that the display system on TK1 is completely different than the desktop and they are working on getting all of the new driver stuff put in place.
Here is an article about this:

Anyway if we get DP1.2 working on the Jetson you would need a short cable probably. But at this point in time I wouldn’t purchase a fancy monitor in the hope that it will work at 2160p60Hz on the Jetson on DP. With the super cheap UHD monitors though they are already limited to 30Hz so the Jetson’s DP wouldn’t offer anything worthwhile over the HDMI.

I’m using Seiki SE39UY04 display and Jetson TK1 with L4T R21.1.
My display use HDMI 1.4.
Just connect HDMI cable from Jetson TK1 to my display and turn on it, 3840x2160@30Hz mode works fine.

Jetson TK1 has eDP output, but no display port socket.
So using eDP on Jetson TK1 is not so easy.
There are people trying to use it in this topic.

And according to Jetson TK1 Development Kit Specification 2.1.1 Display Guidelines, the maximum resolution supported with eDP is 3200x2000@60fps.

Thanks for all the replies - 30Hz and HDMI it is!