Jetson AC Adaptor 240 or 120 volt?

I just received a Jetson TK1 ordered from a German website.
The power cord is a US socket (one round two flat pins) yet I’m in 240 Volt (Europe).
Even more bizarrely, the actual power adaptor says: 100-240V ~ 1.5A.

Is it ok to go ahead and plug it in a European socket or will I fry the power adapter?

It’s ok to plug it to (any?) European socket. In Poland we have charge 240V and i am using old PC power cable connected to the attached power adapter. Works like a charm. Cheers!

The correct Voltage is 230V in Europe, 240V is printed because there has to be some tolerance for the voltage level. (240V was in UK before europe got its standard 230V)

And it’s not bizarre that it says 100V - 240V, because almost every power supply today, covers a wide range of voltage. (And the two frequenzies 50Hz and 60Hz)
Look at your phone charger, it also says 100V - 240V :)
So go on and get a “PC power cable” and you’re done.

Ich habe heute auch mein TK1 bekommen, du kannst ein ganz normale Kaltgerätekabel nehmen, das funktioniert ganz normal. ;)

Correct voltage in UE is 230V with +/-10% error. So 240v is in error range. Voltage level drops longer the distance is from power station((??) i don’t know the correct english name for this))