Jetson Access point keeps dropping out


Upon moving my jetson nano to an external SSD, the WiFi access point keeps dropping out. It’s shows on my monitor but connecting devices don’t see it. How do I resolve this without having to format the jetson nano over again.

PS: I’ve done this severally upon moving to external storage.

Are you sure mounting rootfs on ssd has anything to do with this error?

I’m having the same thought too. Since this happens on when I moved to the SSD.

It’s worked fine on the microSD card.

Then when it gets to the SSD, after some repeated ONs and OFFs this happens

Is dmesg showing up any error when disconnection happened?

If not, then it is likely an issue from higher level application (e.g. networkmanager). Such log should be checked in syslog (var/log/syslog).

Okay, I will check all of these once I encounter this problem again