Jetson AGX , ConnextX-6 Dx, DPDK performance issue

I would like to understand what is the maximum performance is expected in Jetson AGX, ConnextX-6 DX and DPDK setup.
ConnextX-6 DX is installed in to PCIe slot.
Right now I got 40Gbps, when traffic is: one directional, packet size 8K, no memory copy.
In a case two ConnextX ports are receiving and two DPDK tasks(one per port) assigned to different LCOREs the performance is divided 20Gb/20Gb per LCORE.
There are no interrupts during the test.
It sounds as DRAM paging issue(hugepage…).

Could someone provide directives how to improve the performance?

Thanks in advance

Sugest to have your issue posted at Latest Software And Drivers/Mellanox OFED topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums to get better support. Thanks


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