Jetson AGX I2C-1 bus error

Hi, I’m connecting three TFmini plus sensors ( addresses 0x11, 0x12, and, 0x13 ) on the Jetson AGX I2C bus 1. Using i2cdetect -y -r 1 connecting only two sensors, shows a successful detection. However, connecting a third sensor, corrupts the bus in somehow and i2cdetect command doesn’t show any device detected.

I’have tested the same set of sensors connected on bus 8 works perfect, so it seems to be something related with the bus 1

Hi please confirm if there is I2C address conflict on bus 1 first. Then if no conflict, please use oscilloscope to observe the waveform of it to make sure signals quality is OK, as there is 400pF load capacitance request for I2C bus which might be the root cause of multiple devices attached.