Jetson AGX Industrial - Force_recover

I’d like to understand how the Jetson AGX Industrial ‘Force Recover’ signal works as I have an application that needs to be fault tolerant.

From a hardware perspective: Does the ‘Force Recover’ force the Jetson to boot into Sector 0 where it is a hard-coded boot image and then allow you to use the peripherals such as TTY or Ethernet to re-image the runtime image (Sector 1). Once done I would assume there is some indication of success/fail of the re-flash of Sector 1 where the system can restart the Jetson and it would boot up using Sector 1 Flash image ?

Maybe there is a document that describes this that I haven’t seen yet ?

We are not using USB2 or USB3 or other peripherals and are limited to TTY and Ethernet.



Force recovery mode is just putting device into USB device mode and sdkmanager is able to flash BSP to the board under such state.

That’s all. There is no peripherals or OS that is running under this state. You can just think of the device is just brick when force recovery mode is triggered.

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