Jetson AGX Industrial Module VDDIN_PWR_BAD Behavior Problems


We are currently trying to integrate a Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial module onto our custom carrier board. Our carrier currently functions correctly with a non industrial variant of the Xavier. After looking through the migration guide, there seemed to be minimal changes that would affect our application given what we utilize on the module. However we are running into an issue electrically with the VDDIN_PWR_BAD signal which indicates, to the Xavier, if the power supply is valid. We used the recommended designs from the OEM design guide provided by Nvidia for the voltage rail monitoring. As such the VDDIN_PWR_BAD signal is controlled via an open drain circuit on the carrier board.

What we are seeing with the industrial AGX is that when the FETs pulling the VDDIN_PWR_BAD signal low get disabled and become high impedance the signal, which should have a 10K pull up to 5V in the module, only reaches 4.3V. This prevents the module from booting which we see as the SYS_RESET signal staying low. We have tested putting our own external pull-up on the signal line, however a very strong pull up of 220 ohms was required to get the voltage up to 5V which enabled the Xavier to boot. We also tested our carrier board without the module on it and are able to pull the VDDIN_PWR_BAD signal to 5V with a 10K pull-up; so the issue seems to be a change in the module itself.

Our questions are what has changed with the VDDIN_PWR_BAD circuit internally in the module that it no longer returns to 5v using the same circuit as the non industrial module? And if the voltage monitoring circuit on the carrier board does need to change, should we use our own pull up resistor or should we use a push pull driver to make sure the signal reaches the required voltages.


Hi, can this repro on with carrier board of devkit? Did you check the schematic of P2822? Which design in DG are you following?

So far on the devkit we haven’t had any issues getting industrial modules to boot. For the VIN monitoring circuits we used both the dV/dT and the VIN monitoring programmable delay circuit from the P2822 schematic. We had up to this point disabled the dV/dT monitoring as we still need to tune it to our power supply.

We are checking this internally. Can you please share your schematic of power part for check?

Sure! Here is the circuit that we have on the carrier. For reference U22 is a TPS3808 from TI.

Both industrial and commercial module are 10k pull-up on it, not sure why it behave differently on your board. Since it can not re-pro on devkit, it should be something on your board causing that. Have you check all parts connected to VIN_PWR_BAD one by one to confirm which part gives it a strong pull-down?

I don’t think it’s our carrier board as the VIN_PWR_BAD signal works as expected with the non industrial variant of the module. I’ve also tested pulling up the VIN_PWR_BAD signal on our carrier with no module present on the carrier and am to pull it up to 5V with a 10k resistor.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?


We still haven’t found a resolution to this yet so anymore information that could help with debugging would be much appreciated.

Hi, it can’t be repro on devkit with P2822 board. So can only just suggest to compare your design to P2822 and try to eliminate all the difference that might have risk on this.

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