Jetson AGX Not turning ON


Accidentally, a 24v supply touched the 40Pin headers and Jetson AGX Xavier turned off. It is not turning on anymore. I think it is damaged. What could be the possibility to test and recover?

Also what is the IC numbered D6946 Jetson AGX Xavier module? Is it a diode? and please could you tell the specs of this component?

It looks board damaged, if you have good hardware knowledge, maybe you can try to find out which components are damaged.

There is no “D6946” IC in module. Can you share a photo of that?

Please find the image of the module and the location of that component. It is written D6946 on that component. I suppose it is zener diode. If yes please could you share the specs of it?

Another question, when we power only the carrier board without Jetson module of the development kit will the LED turn ON?

It’s Q526, NMOSFET, P/N: QM2414K.

Thank you so much.

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