Jetson AGX orin 64GB monitor black after driver installation

Hi Team,
Iam running out of a problem, In my new jetson agx orin developer kit 64gb ubuntu
20.04 I installed nvidia ubuntu-driver 510 after that I did power off and i powerd on it
But the machine is powered on and running but the display monitor is not working so, i checked with two monitors and the output is same. Then i connected orin through putty in serial port via microusb it is working
but still the monitor is black and not working

I have tried several times this commands:
sudo apt-update
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt update && upgrade -y

But nothing helps
when i run the command xrandr it says can’t open display and
when i run nvidia-smi it says NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn’t communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.

Help me how to overcome this problem without flashing it…


Actually nvidia-smi is not able to run on jetson.

I think we should start from the beginning. What was your method to flash the board. And was the monitor ever worked on this jetson devkit before.

yes it worked before the installation of the driver 510

FYI, the 510 and other public drivers are for a discrete GPU (dGPU) on the PCI bus. Jetson GPUs are integrated directly to the memory controller and are incompatible with those drivers. nvidia-smi itself is unsupported since it uses PCI query. You should never install a GPU driver for a Jetson through anything other than JetPack/SDK Manager. If you’ve installed a separate PCI driver I suspect it has broken a few things and you should probably reflash.

Is ther any way to recover Without reflashing Because it works on putty Just the display port is disabled
I have already done this by installing lightdm but in this case it does not work iI dont know why
Help me to get rid out of this
Responses are highly appreciated Thankyou!

I couldn’t say, the installed software has its fingers in many places. Someone else may know, but I’m only able to say it is far easier to back up the system so you can save your work and configurations, and then flash, followed by restore of that work (much of that can be added to the “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” and it will get flashed as that from then on).

FYI: Display port**(Monitor) is black** So, I need to update packages
I need to connect to the internet through wifi in my jetson agx orin
when I Run this command
nmcli general status
It Shows

disconnected Unknown enabled enabled enabled enabled

How can I connect to the internet through wifi