Jetson agx orin 64gb not connecting to wifi

At first installation, I get the following message:
Failure of key exchange and association **
** The exchange of keys and association with the access point failed.

** Please check the WPA/WPA2 parameters you provided.**
Other devices are easily connected to the same network.
please advise

It’s the first seen with AGX Orin, could you check Not able to connect to Home Wifi using headless mode. - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums to see if can help?

Sorry, does not help. Still getting same message. Please advise.

RE: Headless install on a mac failing network configuration

I just opened my Jetson tonight, and I had the same error following the headless network config in the docs.

I did the following to get it working, though I am interested in what I missed to get myself into this spot.

I did use a little advice from the link provided by @kayccc in that I chose dummy0 instead of wlan0, which allowed me to Ok a couple of times and then configure the network, which I think was necessary, but it still wasn’t connecting, and getting back in withsudo screen was hanging my terminal.

I followed this to get into screen with a working terminal:

ls /dev/tty.*
screen /dev/tty.usbmodem142XXXXXXXX253

Once I was back in screen with a working terminal, I followed this to get connected:

nmcli dev status
nmcli radio wifi
nmcli radio wifi on
nmcli dev wifi list
sudo nmcli --ask dev wifi connect <name of wifi network>
nmcli con show

Excited to do the fun stuff next :)

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