Jetson AGX Orin 699 pin Connector

Hi, what is the exact part number of the 699 pin Molex Mirror Mezz connector used on Orin Module?

It is 2028280001-AS-000, please refer to the info in Orin Design Guide in DLC.

2028280001-AS-000 is the application specification, not the MFG partnumber. Would you check what the exact MFG part number of this Molex connector is?
Jason Ding

As said in Design Guide: The main 699-pin connector on the Jetson AGX Xavier module is from the Molex Mirror Mezz family (Part # 2048430001). This mates with the Molex 2034560003 or another 2048430001 (shown in the following figure) on the carrier board. Refer to the Molex Mirror Mezz connector specification for details.

Thanks Trumany. In your reply, you mentioned it is “The main 699-pin connector on the Jetson AGX Xavier module”. Would you confirm AGX Orin Module uses the exact connector as AGX Xavier module?


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