Jetson AGX Orin AC characteristics for SPI signals


I am seeking information on the AC characteristics of the SPI signals like setup time, hold time, rise time and fall time for Jetson AGX Orin production module. Is there a document that contains this information?

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Hi, we cannot provide AC timing parameters up to Orin module (i.e. CVM connector), since this is middle of channel and tRISE reflections will vary so it’s difficult to have spec coverage at CVM connector for different SPI system designs (i.e. multi-load cases).

Also, different SPI device can have drive strength tuning capability, so this will also change AC characteristics. It’s up to customer to design their system based on available tuning capability and different SPI Fmax targets = 25-80Mhz. And, SPI has tV latency spec at different speed modes, so total system latency has to be factored in if there are multi-drop SPI configurations.

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