Jetson agx orin An exception occurs when miniDP is used on the customized board


I used miniDP in my custom carrier,
But it is not working properly now, can not display the interface properly.

This is the pin usage in the custom board:

Does that work if you use other kind of DP monitors?

Hi wayne,

I have changed other DP monitors, but there is still no video signal output.
Is there any way to verify it? Or provide you with useful information or clues?

Hi, I don’t see your full design of DP port as below example. Can you share a full version?

Hello Trumany, this is the complete DP port design, schematic part

We want to know where does that GPU_DP_LAN go to.
You don’t need to paste same info twice.

This is the custom board, HDMI_DP part of pinmux

There are on level shift to HPD and no pull-up/down to AUX lines which you can see in the example. You can refer to P3737_A04 or P3509 schematic in DLC for detail DP port design.

The way I use the fly line,the pull up/pull down resistor is alread on board.

Is there level shift for HPD on your board? You can refer to HPD design of P3509 schematic as below.

Hi Trumany,

Level shift on custom board (1.8V to 3.3V).

Which jetpack version is in use?

jetpack 5.1

Do you have orin agx devkit?

I have orin agx devkit, do I need to port to devkit for testing?

please directly put your module from your custom board to devkit. Check if you can connect a DP to it and if that DP works.

Hi, Wayne,

I’m going to put Orin into devkit.

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks