Jetson AGX-Orin can't detect Transcend SSD storage

Hi Teams,
We’re testing Transcend M.2 SSD storage “TS128GMTE652T2” module with Jetpack 5.0.2 on AGX-Orin development kit connector “J1”. The module couldn’t be detected by AGX-Orin. we have tested several storage module(micron/innodisk/transcend), only Transcend can’t be detected and no data output after “lspci” command. The same transcend storage work well with Xavier NX platform.
Thanks for any feedback.

Does lspci show this pcie drive?

Hi Wayne,
lspci show nothing.

Does dmesg show anything?

Hi Wayne,
We’re not familiar with pcie interface. The attached file are transcend/innodisk pcie part dmesg and full dmesg log. it seems like pcie link not up when plugin transcend storage.
thank you for your help.

transcend_pcie_dmesg.txt (6.2 KB)
innodisk_pcie_dmesg.txt (6.6 KB)
full_dmesg_trancend.txt (72.1 KB)
full_dmesg_innodisk.txt (73.0 KB)


I just want to ask. Do you want to use this transcend SSD for some production or you just want to use it for personal use?

If you just want to use personal use, I would suggest just try other kind of SSD. To enable trancsend to work We may need to try some method which includes to change things in kernel. And I am not sure if it worth your time for doing this.
For example, we don’t know whether you have any experience in kernel or not.

Hi Wayne,
yes, our production use transcend SSD in default. please help to check this problem. we have other colleague can help to check with kernel/BSP.

Please check the rel-35.1 PCIe doc here and check these items first.

→ Debug PCIe Link-Up Failure

Hi Wayne,
after co-work with Transcend FAE, we found that this issue appear with some SSD model. due to the schedule consideration, we use another ssd model insteaded.
thank you for your help.

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