Jetson AGX Orin dev kit update using SDK manager now Demo samples not working

I updated my Jetson AGX Orin Dev kit with the SDK manager (Ubuntu 18)
and know both the RIVIA and Deepstream examples that were part of Reviewers guide
don’t work any

Hi adventuredaisy,

You mean they work on AGX Orin JP 5.0 EASW, but not working with JP5.0 DP version now?
Supposed the DeepStream SDK to support JP5.0 DP on AGX Orin is not ready yet.
For RIVA, I’m not familiar with it, but guessing it’s the same situation.

Is there any way to revert back to the AGX Orin JP 5.0 EASW.
With that I was able to run deepstream models.

That JP5.0 EA SW is not officially support by SDK manager, you need to use the flash command to revert it back, but I’m not sure if the access is still valid.

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Was able to flash it back to JP5.0 EA
Thanks for all the help.

Joe Valdivia

How did you revert it back to JP5.0 EA?

I had to e-mail NVidia and ask to be put on the Jetpack 5.0 early releases list.
Once they said ok it it showed up in the SDK manager as a option after I logged in.
I still wanted to play around with some deepstream stuff so that’s why I converted back to Jetpack 5.0 EA.
I do believe that a deepstream version that is compatible with jetpack 5.0 will be released in May sometime.

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