Jetson AGX Orin Dev Kit

Hello there,
I connected sensoray model 1012 frame grabber to Jetson AGX Orin development kit using M2.Key (B+M) to miniPCI and installed its driver successfully, but I cannot access /dev/video*.
I think the reason is because the places that need to be changed in the device tree have not changed, but I have no idea what needs to change.
Or is there anything else that needs to be done?
Can you help me?

hello emrebahtiyar,

can this driver probe correctly?

I downloaded the driver from Sensoray’s own site. There shouldn’t be a problem.
After installing the driver, should it work directly without making any changes in the device tree and the kernel? ( access /dev/video*)

hello emrebahtiyar,

device tree should not mandatory, since you’re using a frame grabber and plug it into m.2.
it’s linux kernel to parse and register device to sysfs as video node without failures.

please dig into kernel messages, is this driver probe correctly?

dmesg.txt (76.3 KB)

kernel message is here

ı am using frammer grabber with M2.Key (B+M) to miniPCI so i was thinking i need to do another setting.

hello emrebahtiyar,

you’re using r34.1.1, which is a developer preview version,
please moving to JetPack 5.0.2 for a production quality release image.

if the driver register complete, it should create a system node to the stream, and you may access to the steam with v4l standard ioctl directly.
please see-also this github for reference, GitHub - ross-newman/sensoray-testing: Capture example using V4L API on the Sensoray mPCIe 1012 video capture board.

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