Jetson AGX Orin Developer kit

I have a situation which I desperately need help with.
I have a Jetson AGX Orin developer kit that has Jetpack 5.0.2 installed. The Jetpack is installed on NVME and is working fine.
Now, this is what I want to achieve,

  1. Backup the entire NVME in order to preserve the current state of the DevKit.
  2. Install fresh Jetpack on emmc.
  3. After being done with my experiments, I want to restore the entire thing using the backup.

Now, the first problem I have is I cannot find the directory ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/… which is supposed to contain all the necessary tools to achieve this. (such as, it does not exist on my Orin’s file system).

Jetpack version: 5.0.2
Platform: Nvidia AGX Orin developer kit

This directory is generated from SDK Manager as following.

When you use SDKM to flash the devkit, it would download Jetpack SDK into this directory.
Or you could download Driver Package (BSP) in R35.1 release page

Thank you KevinFFF for prompt response. Now on to the second part, when I try to backup the SSD using the backup and restore utility provided in the tools. I get command failed, I remember reading it on the forums that the utility is only meant to work with mmcblk0p1. Is this correct? If so what remedies do we have for backing up the entire driving using SSD as rootfs. I also found that most of the documentation and utilities have hardcoded mmcblk0p1, why is this the case?

Yes, the tool under Linux_for_Tegra/tools/backup_restore/ is used for internal eMMC (mmcblk0p1).
For backup NVMe, it would be recommended to use dd command.
Or you could use initrd tool (Linux_for_Tegra/tools/kernel_flash/ for external device instead of

You can consider this solved, since I was able to do what I intended to do, with your help. Thanks Kevin.

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