Jetson AGX Orin does not get into login screen after boot up

Dear Developers,

I was working with the openssl library in the jetson agx orin device. I had to uninstall the openssl and re-install it again for some development purposes.

After installing the openssl, I restarted the system and I face the following issue.

  • When I turn on the device, I could able to see nvidia login and options for boot and setup on the top left corner of that screen. The bottom of the screen has a white progress bar that runs from left to right…
  • After that, the screen goes blank and the fan on the device runs for about 1 or 2 seconds and goes off.
  • Then that’s it, the device goes blank. The keyboard and the mouse are connected (I could able to turn on and off the num lock. The optical sensor at the bottom of the mouse is lit). Whenever I try to restart the device by pressing the restart button, the same issue loops.

What can I do the get into the login screen / to get into ubuntu desktop. Please help to resolve this issue. I have some important data that I need for my research work.

Thanks in advance.

Are you still able to log in via serial console?

Apologies for the late reply.

Yes! I could login into the device using serial connection from a host linux computer with minicom. I also could able to see all my files in there.

Is there any way I can copy the files to my host linux computer? Also, how can I get the jetson running again? I will be glad to follow any instructions to get it back online.


Try re-installing ubuntu-desktop.
Maybe it’s also removed when you remove OpenSSL, which you should never do, so the GUI it’s gone.

This is very dangerous. Don’t do it.

Installing ubuntu-desktop show this

Then please still re-flash the device.
For backing up data, scp is what you need.

Again, it really makes no sense to uninstall OpenSSL.
If you really need to do that, at least inside a docker container.

I was able to get my data from the jetson.

When I got the device, it had ubuntu out of the box. I did not do the flashing process. Could you please help me to find the proper instructions to do that!

And, thanks for the tip! I’ll keep in mind to test new things within docker.

Thank you very much. I flashed the device and its working fine.

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