Jetson AGX Orin encode very slow

Hi there, I find the Jetson AGX Orin encoder frequency is very slow (about 200MHz), and the encoding delay is large(about 100ms or higer) when I encode 6 cameras raw data.
Here is configuration:
ctx[i]->thread_num = i;
ctx[i]->raw_pixfmt = V4L2_PIX_FMT_YUV420M;
ctx[i]->bitrate = std::stoi(bitReteVec[i]) * 1024 * 1024;
ctx[i]->peak_bitrate = 0;
ctx[i]->profile = V4L2_MPEG_VIDEO_H264_PROFILE_BASELINE;
ctx[i]->ratecontrol = V4L2_MPEG_VIDEO_BITRATE_MODE_CBR;
ctx[i]->iframe_interval = std::stoi(fpsVec[i]);
ctx[i]->enableLossless = false;
ctx[i]->idr_interval = std::stoi(fpsVec[i]);
ctx[i]->level = -1;
ctx[i]->fps_n = std::stoi(fpsVec[i]);
ctx[i]->fps_d = 1;
ctx[i]->stress_test = 1;
ctx[i]->output_memory_type = V4L2_MEMORY_DMABUF; // V4L2_MEMORY_DMABUF
ctx[i]->blocking_mode = true;
ctx[i]->num_output_buffers = 6;
ctx[i]->width = YUV420Property::frameWidth;
ctx[i]->height = YUV420Property::frameHeight;
ctx[i]->encoder_pixfmt = V4L2_PIX_FMT_H264;
ctx[i]->dump_mv = false;
ctx[i]->pYUV420P = YUV420Frame[i];

The jtop output:

Left part shows NVENV is only 563MHz, and most time it is only 150MHz. Also there is something strange, when I set hw_preset_type to V4L2_ENC_HW_PRESET_ULTRAFAST, the frequency will not larger than 300MHz.
Right part shows the dalay about several hundreds ms.

Is there something woring in configuration ? Thank you.

Jetson version:

The print shows you use Jetpack 5.0.2. The latest release is 5.1.2 and we would suggest upgrade to latest version and give it a try.

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