Jetson AGX Orin File I/O Latency


I am currently migrating a software project targeted for Intel x86_64 machines (RHEL 8 OS) to a Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin DevKit. I am running with jetpack 5.0.2 L4T 35.1 (which states it installs linux kernel version 5).

I am having occasional I/O latency (but reproducible) both with the local file system and serial I/O over USB, this is somewhat similar to this topic. This issue does not occur on the Intel x86_64 hardware running RHEL.

The linked topic suggests flashing to an older jetpack version (therefore older linux kernel)
helped, however it seems AGX Orin’s only support L4T >= 34. Using the SDK Manager to flash the device to JetPack 4.6.3 is not support (as documentation suggests)

Is there any support for older Jetson Linux versions on the Jetson AGX Orin DevKits? Can I manually flash the device to an older version?
So I can test if this issue is due to the underlying OS version.

How I am reproducing the file I/O latency:
I am using the following python script (requires pip installing astropy and numpy): (473 Bytes)

This will write 1000 image files (.fits format files) to the local directory the script is ran from, each image file is ~1MB in size.
Running this script a few times will yield a max write time of 6-11 seconds.
Note that this does not happen on the x86 systems, and a similar latency occurs when reading serial data from USB (so not using astropy or numpy)

Thank you!

We would suggest upgrade to Jetpack 5.1.1(r35.3.1) and apply the USB firmware:
Jetson/L4T/r35.3.x patches -

[USB] nvidia-agx-orin-usb-connection-issues

The firmware fixes certain issue and may help this. Please give it a try.


I have applied Jetpack 5.1.1 with the USB firmware patch (copied in files before flashing and confirmed it applied via dmesg), however the issue still persists.

When running even the script that simply writes 1000 1MB files to the local Jetson drive the large multi-second delays occur.

I can see in a monitor like iotop that the script, the blk device (local drive) and some kernel worker processes hit 100% I/O. At time of this screen stop a 6 second delay to write a file occurred.

Are there any I/O limitation on the Jetson Orin devkits from a hardware perspective?

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