Jetson AGX Orin power consumption in Deep sleep mode and in another mode

In order to choose the appropriate capacity of lithium battery, I want to know the power consumption data of AGX Orin in two states:

  1. Deep sleep mode(SC7) : According to the docs, the Jetson in this state is the most power-efficient and can be woken up at any time. So I want to know the estimated power consumption of Orin in this state.
    *As noted here, the power estimate for the Xavier NX in SC7 mode.

  2. OS running but no applications & no peripheral devices : I have used the tegrastats tool to check power consumption on the Jetson AGX Orin DevKit in this state,The result is as follows:
    power rail
    It looks normal because it is close to the value in the Jetson Power GUI sample image in L4T Docs.

My question is, now that I have these four values, how do I calculate the total power of Orin DevKit? The sum of the four numbers? About 12W?

Thank you to everyone who was willing to discuss it with me!

Hi, we are checking this internally, will update once available.

Thanks for your reply.
I believe it makes sense to update more power consumption data, especially in SC7 mode.

  1. The CVM power at SC7 is ~300mW. The CVM+CVB total power is close to 1.1W.
  2. The total power is close to the sum of GPU, CPU and 5V0.

Thank you for your reply. These data are quite useful.
Have a nice day!

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