Jetson AGX Orin power consumption

I’m designing a board with jetson AGX Orin.
I want to design the power supply so it’ll support the 64G.
What’s the power consumption from the 12V and from the 5V?

It depends on use case, there is no such data for each power supply.

Hi Trumany,
Is there any case, that you have numbers, for the power consumption?
I nees to know if DC2DC 5A for the 12V and DC2DC 5A for the 5V is it enouge?

The module datasheet has listed the IDDMAX of HV and MV supply to module. You can refer to that.
For the power consumption of external devices attached to carrier board, you should estimate the power value by the datasheet of devices.

Hi Trumany,
Thank for the fast respond.
As I can see the max 12V@5.4A and 5V@6A.
But at other place the declaration is max 60W.
So there is a conflict.

That’s no conflict. The two rails power can not reach max at same time. The 60W is the nvpmodel limit for safety.

Is there a chance that the 12V will consume 5A?

It could be as you can see in datasheet “IDDMAX (HV/MV current) reflects EDPp based on a 6 uS moving window.”

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