Jetson AGX Orin RGMII to use

I want connect to the switch through RGMII.
There are two questions:

  1. How to modify pinmux?
    2.How to enable RGMII driver?


Why do you need RGMII? rgmii cannot support greater than 1000mbps speed.

In Orin, we support xfi 5g and xfi 10g.

Because I now have a 1Gb switch on a custom board.


Please configure the "phy-mode to “rgmii-id” under your ethernet@2310000.

Make sure the hardware connection is following the table 7-1 in the Orin hardware design guide.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

For my Ethernet port, I had to set reg=<0>; in the phy. (This is for a custom baseboard which is similar to the Xavier DevKit).

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