Jetson AGX Orin to Marvell 88X2120

I see there has been some discussion around SFP+ ports on the AGX Orin recently with no real resolution. I was curious if anyone has any info on wiring it up to a Marvel 88X2120. Hardware wise it looks like it should work fine, the 88X2120 is just an XFI to SFI bridge that also integrates all the other SFP+ signals on-chip.

The big question is then in the Jetson Linux environment, if it would/could be supported, and then I’m assuming only one port could be active since it appears the Jetson only supports a single XFI, even though it should theoretically have four?

Thanks for any help or info anyone has.

Yes, we only support one XFI for Orin AGX. x4 cases are not validated and could by buggy.

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