Jetson AGX Orin USB3.2 Gen2 TX compliance test Pattern error

Based on attached document
Jetson_AGX_Orin_Series_Tuning_Compliance_Guide_DA-11040-001_v1.1.pdf (1.2 MB)
I tuning the USB3.2 GEN2 based on TX compliance test software and set up
in N7015A&N7018A’s test fixture. but I can’t find USB3.2 Pattern with CP9&CP10. Could you please help it? Image as below

Thanks a lot

Hi, are you talking about the setting of oscilloscope? Maybe you need to check with vendor for this.

Right.I have checked with vendor for this setting. So do you have tuned the USB3.2 GEN2 in TX compliance test, toggle these patterns(found CP9&CP10)? Thanks a lot.

As you can see in the tuning guide:

  1. Sending a Ping.LFPS to the RX port of the DUT in compliance state will cause the compliance pattern to transition to the next one. Contact generator vendor for support to provide required number of Ping.LFPS until controller pumps out the required compliance pattern.
  2. Based on compliance pattern (CP) requirement for the current test, repeat Step 9 to pump out required CP pattern.


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