Jetson agx orin uses SPI to write firmware to an SD Card.External flash support


I connected the SD card slot to the two EMMC 64G memory chips EMMC_A and EMMC_B on the custom carrier board. I use external IO to switch A/B

I now want to update the firmware of EMMC_A/B via an external SPI interface and use SPI to send the firmware data to EMMC.

My ultimate goal is to implement ORIN Flash externally.

Do you mean Orin devkit or custom board? Which SD slot do you mean? For custom carrier design, “the Orin module brings a single SDMMC interface to the connector pins for SD card or SDIO use”, eMMC is not supported.

Hi Trumany
I’m referring to my custom carrier.
How can the SD card be used as a boot option to boot the system, or how can I swipe firmware into the SD card?

Hi Trumany
I want to write data to the SD Card through SPI, write the bool.bin/image/dtb file, and complete the refresh.

I don’t quite get the case here. What is device on the SPI?

And what is emmc_a and emmc_b? We only have one external sdmmc pin there. Why there are two things?

I designed two EMMCs on a custom carrier!

I use gpio in external stm32 microcontroller to control switching Orin custom carrier emmc,


The stm32 then uses SPI to write data to the EMMC on the ORIN custom carrier.I think I should be clear.

So, I’m going to write a system image to emmc now,


None of our existing flash tool can achieve what you want here (SPI to write data to emmc). Also, as flash tool is not open source, we cannot let you refer to it either.

If I make all the system files into a compressed package, can I successfully write to emmc via SPI?
My goal is to complete a redundant backup of the operating system.


I think the point here is not related to how the file look like. The point here is your design must have image got flashed from SPI. This is not something we tried.

Our flash tool is using initrd to got files from host side to flash… or directly using usb connection to send file from host to device and then flash.

I know what you mean,

Because at the moment I also do the flash work by sending files from the host to the device via intrd or directly using a USB connection.

But I’m thinking about how to use stm32’s spi to do the flash work.

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