Jetson AGX Orin Video Capture Card (can not see /dev/video*)

hi, i have 2 video capture cards. One is nano AVC8 and the other is Sensoray model 1012
The links are:

According to the link here:

I connected the video capture cards I mentioned to the J1 M.2 M-Key slot pin separately and installed their drivers.
I could not access /dev/video* even though I successfully installed the drivers for two video capture cards

I’m new to this platform, is there anything else I need to do or how can I access /dev/video*.

Jetson AGX Orin
I tried L4T in 2 versions as 34.1 and 35.1, but it was not successful.

Maybe need enable the driver by kernel configure.
I would suggest consult with vendor to check if need any configure to enable it.

We are trying to test this development board by connecting Sensoray and NanoAVC8 (video capture card) single lane PCI-operated capture cards that work with miniPCI. While doing this, we use M2 Key (B+ M) to miniPCI converter card. We do not think that the converter card (M2 Key (B+ M) to miniPCI) will affect the communication via PCI electrically.

What could be the reason why we cannot communicate with the Capture card about this issue?
What software changes may be required in AGX Orin Dev-kit

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