Jetson AGX Orin Warning Test Key is Used Error

I am using Jetson AGX Orin model. I did the initial setup of my device, I completed the flash operations. Afterwards, when I try to open my device, the Nvidia splash screen comes up and gives the error “warning test key is used”. The screen does not turn on. I tried to install JetPack 5.1.1 - L4T r35.3.1 version in Orin. How can I resolve this error? Thank you in advance for your help.

“warning test key is used” is not error. It is not related to any other issue you hit later.

What kind of board is in use here? Custom board? Devkit?

You should include a full serial console boot log.

Trivia: The eMMC models of Jetsons have the ability to burn security fuses. When those are burned, boot partition content must be signed with a custom key. When security fuses are not burned (the default on an eMMC dev kit) the partitions must still be signed, but the key is a NULL key. I would expect every dev kit to have that warning unless fuses were intentionally burned.

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