Jetson AGX Orin Wifi disconnect while in roaming ( Moving between multiple access points)

Jetson AGX Orin seems to have WIFI connecting issues when in roaming. Basically when the Jetson is moved around it fails to quickly disconnect and reconnect between the access points of the network. Same network id is used between the access points. We tested the same roaming action using Mobile phones , Mac and Windows laptop at the same location . But these devices are able to perform jump between the access points without any problems.


What WiFi card are you using?
Is it still the same with different WiFi cards?

We are using the default Wifi module that is part of the Jetson Orin kit .

What are you using?
You said it’s an AGX Orin but you posted in the Orin NX forum.
Anyway, get another WiFi card and see if that persists.