Jetson AGX Orin won't Power up

My AGX Orin Developer kit is not powering up.
When I plug in the power cable, the indicator light is not on, and the fan is also not on. It was running last night. I did not turn it off. But this morning I realized it was powered off.
I have important files in its memory, not on the SD card. Do you know how to power it on or how can I get my files back?
I am considering maybe I can disassemble the hardware, and install the SoC (I suppose that’s where the files are stored, right?) on my another AGX Orin Developer Kit. But I haven’t done anything like that before, I have no idea what’s gonna happen.
So, anyone knows how to fix it? Or how to get my files back without fixing it? Or is re-assemble SoC a viable method?
Thanks a lot!

Hi yichun.xu,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Do you run any application last night?

Is there any serial console log output after you plug the power cable?
NVIDIA Jetson Orin - Serial Console - RidgeRun Developer Wiki

Jetpack is It is 5.1.0, R35.2
Yes, a application was running.
There’s completely no output when the power cable was plugged.

It’s hard to debug if there’s no any serial console log output.

Where do you store the files? (internal eMMC or NVMe or SD)

Do you have other AGX Orin Module could replace the one on the devkit?

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