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Does SDKManager support Linux on Jetson? I want to use my Jetson Agx Orin (machine 1) to brush machine 2 (Machine 2). I once swiped the Jetson device on a Linux PC using a USB cable. Can I brush the machine through the network?

No, this is not supported. And only usb can flash it now.

  • Thank you for your valuable reply.
    Now I have a new problem,The Jetson AGX Orin gave me an error when I swiped it。

    Was the data stored in EMMC inside Jetson when I swiped? I want to know if EMMC is on the bottom board or the CPU board, I want to know where it is


I don’t know what you are asking here.

  1. The picture you posted shows the error is on your host. The error is not given by Orin AGX. When you are going to flash the board, Orin needs to be in recovery mode, and recovery mode means there is no OS running on the board. Which means it won’t give you any “apt-get error” because there is no Linux running on Orin at that situation.

  2. The old data on Orin will be erased when you flash.

Thank you.
As you said, I have solved the problems related to “apt-get” on the host computer, and now I can brush the machine successfully

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