Jetson AGX Power information

From reading the forums and the docs I understand that VDD_SOC does not include VDD_CPU and VDD_GPU and also VDD_SYS5V does include DDR, CPU, GPU and CV. So what is the difference between VDD_SOC and VDD_SYS5V?

I have already looked at the following two devtalk posts:

VDD_SYS_5V0 is VDD_SYS_MV which is mainly for most IOs power rails. VDD_SOC is for SoC group.

Thanks for the information.

Could you actually just give a true breakdown for the difference between SYS5V and SOC?

What do they mean by IO and which one would include the display/mouse/keyboard?

IO in module means CSI, eMMC, USB, SDIO etc., did you meet any issue which needs to know these module inside?

Ok that makes sense for SYS5V. And from the other links SOC doesn’t contain CPU, GPU, DDR, and CV so what exactly is SOC measuring?

Also we don’t have any issues, we are just trying to profile the power workload of an application so this information is necessary for that. Even at idle in our monitoring SOC power usage is fairly significant so we are confused what is causing this high usage.

VDD_SOC is mainly for internal a set of embedded processors, you can find a Xavier Processor Block Diagram in Xavier Series SoC Technical Reference Manual in DLC.

Given all of that information, assuming CV isn’t being used, is total system power VDD_CPU + VDD_GPU + VDDRQ + VDD_SOC + SYS5V?