Jetson AGX Ubuntu 20 (how to restore 18.x)

shortly, i have agx that somehow was upgraded to ubuntu20
i need to restore os to 18

i was trying to use sdk manager - but no luck

where to find steps to go back to ubuntu18?


So far as I know there isn’t any way to revert. You would need to flash again. You could clone first so you have a copy of anything important.

Note: This is via SDK Manager.

Thank you @linuxdev
when i connect agx to sdk - nothing happens
i mean, sdk shows me my connected agx, but “next step” is disabled with “No available releases for Ubuntu20”
repair/uninstall is also empty

how to force flush of the agx?

Ive done it! Thank you!
the main thing was that SDK (host) Must run on Ubuntu16/18 (i tried on ubuntu20)
that was the problem )

have a nice day!

Can I use the Jetson NX SDCard image on the Jetson AGX?. Does anyone know if one and unplug the SDCard from a NX and plug it into the AGX and boot?

No. There are dependencies between boot partition content and the rootfs image. There is much which you could copy over to an Xavier from an NX SD card, but no such way to directly replace the whole rootfs.