Jetson agx xavier and RAW sensor

Hi Sir :

I can’t preview raw sensor twice with jetson agx xavier.

How can I solve this problem?

Jetson AGX Xavier + MAX9296 + MAX9295 + RAW Sensor

jetson_agx_xavier_max9296_max9295_raw_sensor.log (121.1 KB)

Looks like the max929x or sensor not reset cause the problem.

What rules should I follow to reset the sensor or max9295 (serializers)?

But I couldn’t reset the MAX9296 (deserializer).

Consult with Max for the REG to reset it.

Reset which one?

  1. Reset Max9295 (serializers) only
  2. Reset MAX9296 (deserializer) only
  3. Reset Max9295 (serializers) and MAX9296 (deserializer)

Maybe all of them need to reset.