Jetson AGX Xavier and TI MMWAVE Radar raw data capture over CSI


We are trying to interface TI’s MMWAVE radar device with Jetson AGX Xavier development kit via CSI and SPI interfaces to capture RAW ADC data for processing.

MMWAVE radar sensor sends RAW ADC data over MIPI CSI interface to external processors.

We have ported MMWAVE LINK SPI driver interface on Jetson platform. But we are expecting some expert inputs on how can we receive RAW ADC data on Jetson platform via MIPI CSI interface.

Actually the device is a radar sensor instead of image sensor so we want to know do we need to follow standard path of V4L2 driver or are there any other possible ways to read RAW data from CSI interface?

Do we need to bypass VI and ISP to read raw ADC data in user space?


  • There is no I2C control interface on radar sensor

Any input is really appreciated.


You still need to follow the programing guide to implement the driver and use v4l2-ctl or V4L2 API to get the raw data.

Thanks @ShaneCCC.

Yes I went through Camera Driver Programming guide in L4T docs. Still I wanted to understand how can we bypass VI and ISP layers after receiving frame data.

Also can you please highlight, how should we design V4L2 driver for such radar sensor which does not provide I2C control interface?


Use v4l2 API that will bypass the ISP. You can’t bypass the VI that extract the raw data to the memory buffer.
You can just have a fake i2c addr to implement your driver.

Thanks ShaneCCC