Jetson AGX Xavier boot failure due to disk space issue

On Jetson Xavier I ran into disk space issue and the OS hanged up so I force restarted the device. After reboot it prints “Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes” and keep flashing the screen. There are some important files on the device. Is there any way to connect to its internal disk and clean up some space without starting the whole operating system ? I tried ctrl + alt + f1 for text mode but nothing happened. Is text mode supported on Xavier?

Running out of disk space implies temporary files cannot be created. There are a number of ways to recover from a host PC, but the first thing to do is find out if serial console login works. If it does, then you can delete some files manually with that login. If not, then more difficult (or at least time consuming) methods are needed. For serial console, see:

If this does not work, then you can clone the root filesystem, remove files from the clone via loopback mount on a PC, and then flash again, “reusing” the clone (which would replace the rootfs with the edited rootfs). A clone is not a bad idea anyway if you want a backup of valuable work. There are some restrictions when flashing the clone, for example, you would need to use the same software for clone flash as that which created the original clone, and if partition size is not default, then you’d need to specify the size correctly.

Are you able to log in via serial console?

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Hi @nitikesh.bhad,
One method that you could use in this situation is follow the steps below:

  1. Connect a USB type-C cable between the Xavier board and Host PC (the same way you used for flashing)
  2. Open terminal in Host PC and run
    $ ssh <USERNAME>@
  3. Please provide “yes” if it prompts you to add the SSH login to your trusted list
  4. After that, please enter your password, when needed. This way you can gain access to the Xavier board, and Can delete some unwanted files.
  5. If you want to take backup of a file, you can use scp.
    $ scp <FILENAME> <HOST_USER>@
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