Jetson AGX Xavier can't flash OS with SKIP_EEPROM_CHECK=1

Hi, I try to flash OS with following command:

sudo SKIP_EEPROM_CHECK=1 ./ jetson-agx-xavier-devkit mmcblk0p1

But flash will fail and module will reboot.
If I don’t use SKIP_EEPROM_CHECK=1, it can flash successfully.
This problem only happened on one module, other modules can flash with SKIP_EEPROM_CHECK=1.

I test r32.6.1, r32.7.1 and r35.1.0 (on Jetson AGX Xavier DEVKIT board), only r35.1.0 can flash with SKIP_EEPROM_CHECK=1.
Is this module broken? Or is this problem cause by module hardware revision?
failed.txt (59.7 KB)

Are you talking about you can only make that one module get flashed on 35.1 with skip_eeprom_check?

What is shown in the uart serial console when flash failure happened?

Yes, it can flash on 35.1 with skip_eeprom_check.

Attachment file is the uart serial’s log.
log.txt (44.1 KB)


Your log looks just like a boot log. Nothing gets flashed here.
What is the scenario for this log?
Are you sure you know what we want to check here?

BTW, what is the purpose to skip eeprom check here? It is kind of SOP for flash process, I don’t suggest to disable it.

The log is capture from micro-usb port, it’s the log when flash failure.
When flash failure, the module reboot and go into the normal boot-up procedure.
It doesn’t show any other message when failure happened.

I use skip_eeprom_check because I modify MAC without correct checksum in our custom board.
I found that only this module has flash failure problem.
And I move the module to the devkit test again, the problem still happened when skip_eeprom_check .
This will not be SOP, we will use correct checksum.

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