Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit

Hi Team,
I Need a quick update on the below question.
Why there are different region-specific versions for Jetson AGX Development Kit.
What will happen if I use them in Asia, the USA, and the UK in the same module?
Region Specific is because of the power supply difference or any component used on carrier card is different?

AFAIK, only the 19V power supply and AC power cable are differents, others are the same.

Hi Kay
Thanks for the info.

  1. I have seen the power adapter having 100-240V 1.6A, 50-60HZ. I think this should not be a problem in USA right?
  2. Moreover We can power the Jetson EVk from Type C as well, So this is not a concern right?
  3. I am planning to use the Jetson Xavier AGX developer kit for my production. the note from FAQ says - we cannot use it for production use and it is meant for developing only.
    Several components may be non-production quality. Components may change without notification.—> Any comments on it ?

Power source issue is easy to resolve, but the devkit is not for production purpose.

I don’t know what comments you want as we have mentioned there clearly.
See Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

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