Jetson AGX Xavier Development Kit - Removing dV/dt-resistor on carrier board


I am having trouble with the Jetson AGX Xavier DK shutting down as soon as the GPU starts. It is connected with short, low gauge wire (thickest I could find with a barrel jack) to a 12V 4.5A DC-DC converter with a small capacitor bank, which is then connected to a couple of 4S LiPo-batteries.

I have looked through the documentation and have read through the dV/dt-section, and was wondering what problems could occur if I were to remove the dV/dt-resistor or add an additional diode to reduce droop? Will it cause any harm hardware-wise?


The side effect has been listed in 5.5.1 DV/Dt Circuit Considerations in DG as you can see. There is potential risk if power down sequence can not be followed.

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Yes, I am aware. But, as far as I read, it does not specify what kind of problems could arise if the power down sequence is not followed. Would you know what kind of problmes one could expect? Software corruption or any potential hardware problems? Could this be mitigated by ensuring that the device is powered of normally before removing power every time?

As general rule in electrical design, if power down sequence can’t be met, the chip IO pins might be damaged by back drive current. So even you can remove DV/Dt, you still need to try to meet the sequence.

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