Jetson AGX Xavier Devkit CAD

I’m doing an airborne electronics chassis design for a customer and I’m looking for a stripped-down version of the devkit 3D CAD model. The existing version found on the website is very detailed, but also unnecessarily huge for my purposes. My customer has specified this unit for use in his system design and I only need the mechanical outline, not all the internal components. I’m hoping someone at Nvidia can help.


Ray Proud

Hi, devkit is not suggested to used in product, it is for development only. The current 3D model in DLC is for module only, you can get the mechanical outline in it.


Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the intended purpose of the Devkit, but I am not in a position to specify – as I mentioned, the unit has been specified by my customer and I am expected to create a chassis design using it. I have downloaded and attempted to use the 3D model that is available on the Nvidia website, but as I mentioned, this model contains far more detail than I need and is unnecessarily large (Mb). This is creating some problems when importing it. If Nvidia could please supply me with a stripped-down version of the 3D model (no internal components/no components on PCB’s), it would be very helpful. If that is not possible, there is another option that would work. If Nvidia could please supply me with a 3D model of the fan housing/chassis, I could work with that. I have tried to separate this model from the overall 3D model of the assembly, but it has created numerous problems during import.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


CAD files in DLC are all we can provide at present, there is no stripped-down version of separated fan model. I’m afraid that maybe you need to use other sw tool for it.