Jetson AGX Xavier does not connect to Mac anymore - urgent help needed, thank you!

Hi team,

I used to use a MacBook Pro from 2015 with macOS Mojave to connect to a Jetson AGX Xavier via USB-c, but for more than a week now it hasn’t been working. I tried other MacBooks, tried micro-B cable instead of USB-c, tried bothe USB-c slots, and connected the Jetson at different time points, restarted the MacBook etc, but nothing works. I have followed the advice to connect the cable first before booting up the Jetson, but it still doesn’t work. What is even weirder though is that every ~20th time I try it, it works and I actually get a stable connection.

I was supposed to take the Jetson into fieldwork at the beginning of next week, so it would be highly appreciated if anyone could give me some advice as soon as possible. Thank you very much in advance!

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PS: I with the help of a colleague by now managed to connect the Jetson and MacBook via ethernet, but I am not quite sure if/how I could access the functionalities via ssh like that. I am just adding this here so that I can ideally try to solve the issue on two trajectories. Thank you!

Hi Lara,
Thank you for posting to the forum.
Do you wish to connect Jetson to Mac for purpose of flashing or network [LAN]?
Both? Neither of the two?

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An added debug information step to post the result of: Monitor “dmesg --follow” on the AGX, and then as you plug in the USB-C, what shows up in the log?

FYI, if you know the IP address of the AGX, then you could, from any host of any o/s which has an ssh client, simply ssh to that IP address (first login might prompt you to state if you trust the connection or not). On the Jetson you could typically use “ifconfig” and see IP addresses. The eth0 address would be the most common device name. When you use USB for this it is the same thing, except that the address on USB is always

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Hi @_av,

Thank you for being in touch!

I basically just want to use the Mac as a screen & keyboard to ssh into the AGX and run a program on the AGX. Does that make sense?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

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Thank you very much @linuxdev!

I checked the dmesg command beforehand and it was quite complex (I unfortunately don’t know too much about these things); what seemed to happen is that the following started showing up when I plugged in the AGX into the USB-c:
“apfs_keybag_get:1320: failed to get apfs volume keybag, err = 2
apfs_keybag_init:1372: failed to initialize volume keybag, err = 2”

I now organised a screen and a keyboard and will try if I can log into the AGX like this (via sshing into the IP as you suggest) as soon as I am back from work.

Thank you very much for your help!

Dear @linuxdev, @_av, I just got a screen and keyboard/mouse to log into the Jetson as is and it is no problem at all - so it is indeed a problem that relates to the MacBook - but not only mine, I tried three other MacBooks from my colleagues and all had the same problem, even connecting to one of the newest version via USB-c. I don’t know a lot about the issues between Apple and Nvidia, but do you know if someone is looking into this? I don’t necessarily like MacBooks either, but in my research field (bioinformatics/genomics) just everyone uses them… Thanks again for your quick responses!

I don’t have a Mac, and no way to do more than a slight guess, but the “apfs” errors are errors with “Apple File System”. So there is something about the content provided by the USB-C which the Apple does not like. Odds are in favor of some needed software “tweak”, but I am unsure of what. Perhaps someone else who has used a Mac with a Jetson might be able to comment.

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Thank you very much, @linuxdev, I would be very interested in digging into this a bit more, also because I discovered that some functionalities were impacted (whenever I was actually able to connect…). Please let me know if you have any suggestion whom to contact.

Does the ip address[interface] appear in the outputs of


after conencting Jetson AGX recovery usb -C port to Mac USB-A?

Does the Jetson AGX appear reacheable via


from MacBook after conencting the USB-A port of the MacBook to the USB-C port [at the side of 40 pin header]?
Also did you try conencting with the Micro USB-B cable [ serial debug] mini usb port at Jetson AGX, so it would conenct to USB-A of MacBook?

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Hi @_av,

Thank you very much for your additional questions. I just tried all of the options, and no, the AGX does not seem to show up.

Just confirming that after I now use the external screen and keyboard everything works perfectly - even the additional funcionalities that I talked about beforehand that had never worked in connection with the Mac.

Thank you for your help!

Best wishes,

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