Jetson AGX Xavier Failed to boot after showing log low-disk memory

Have a good day everyone!

I’m currently working with Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier embedded computer and i’m facing with this following issue (figure below). Specifically, when i finished booting up my AGX today, there was “low-fisk memory warning” log came up. I tried to reboot then I got this issue. Now I can’t boot up again. Is there anyway to open terminal and using any command to fix it?
So you guys here please give me some help, it’s much appreciated!
Thank you guys pretty much with respect!


Press ctrl + alt + F1~F6

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Hi Wayne,

Then what can I do next to boot up my system?
Thank you pretty much, sir!

Alright sir,

Ctr+Alt+F5 brought me into the terminal, but unfortunately, the screen just splash and then back to previous window (video below), and it keeps looping like that. I didn’t know why!

I am not sure if you have a typo. Did you want to say “low disk memory warning”? If so, could you check if you are really running out of disk space?

How about other terminal?

Actually, my disk space almost out sir. It’s about 2GB left, because I put my OS on internal 30GB disk yup.

What do you mean other terminal sir? Could I have another way to access to another terminal? Please give me guide or command, thanks sir!

I mean something like F3 F4. This would give you to other tty.

If they are not working either, remote access through ssh or uart console may also work.

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Thank you pretty Wayne, these are options that I will try.
If I still did not fix it yet, I will back for get more help! I really need to save my system, these are importants project but I did not have backup yet, sir!

I don’t think the system is dead. The remote access should still work. Just fail to start the desktop.

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I hope that Wayne.
Thanks for helping me, sir!

Hi Wayne,

By using uart console I fixed my issue.
Reason was exactly about my disk space run out.
Thank you pretty much Wayne!

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