Jetson AGX Xavier image fusing (or tone mapping)


I’m new to the Jetson AGX Xavier. I have a digital camera that could capture images of the same object using various exposures/gains. I’d like to fuse these images into one image to generate an HDR tone-mapping effect.

Does the Jetson AGX Xavier provide any built-in tool kits (with some basic or standard algorithms) for image blending/fusing? Or is it completely up to the user to implement their own?



hello user14614 ,

please refer to CSI and USB Camera Features. there’re two HDR types supported. i.e. PWL-WDR and DOL-WDR. both of them were hardware/software features to enable HDR capture images.

your mention by using different exposure frames to create HDR image was software approach, which we don’t have samples to implement this approach. please have implementation by yourself.

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