Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial Module flashing

Hi Jerry,
The module we have is blank one. So not sure if its powering on

hello roshan.dsouza,

did the LED turned-on when you press power button to trigger POWER_EN?

Hi the issue still exists. We tried with dev-kit but the following error is coming.
The power LED is ON. So looks like the module is getting powered.

I am facing the same problem.
Would you please tell me if there is any information we should check.


I too am having the same issue, and did not get much assistance on my own post at Issues with flashing new industrial Xavier module - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson AGX Xavier - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Any further advice for us seeing this “wrong device detected” issue would be greatly appreciated please.

Thank you.

If there are more than one guy has such issue here, can you take a picture of the carrier board sku and module sku from the sticker of the board?

Attached are images including the S/Ns for the current industrial module and AGX Xavier Developer’s Kit we have been working with.

Also want to double confirm that your host is able to flash Jetson AGX Xavier module and you know how to flash the board (put into RCM mode, with correct usb type C port).

I mean flashing the non- industrial module.

The non-industrial Xavier is powered when on the developer kit and boots to its own preprogrammed image it came with. When put into force recovery mode (connected to correct USB Type C port and pressing and holding the middle then power buttons, releasing simultaneously after) and entering SDKManager, flashing the non-industrial–since it has already been flashed–has it to go into automatic setup, which is different than the manual first time setup we need to do (and have been unable to do) for the industrial Xavier module.

Please let me know if I am missing any steps for putting it into RCM mode or other flashing, for either module.

There is no “release simultaneously”. The recovery button is always the last one get released.

If the board would auto-power on, then you can use the reset button. Press rec → rec + reset → release reset → release rec.

Think of the recovery button as being a shift key on a keyboard, only it modifies power on or power reset. Just like typing a capital “X”, where you hold down the shift key then tap the “x” key, followed by letting go of the shift key. The instant you have completed the start of either power on or power reset you can let go of the recovery button. If the recovery button remains on during a flash it won’t change anything, but during a flash the Jetson reboots after completing this…and you’d possibly have problems if the recovery button is still down during a reboot (I did not bother to test though).

@WayneWWW @linuxdev thank you for your responses. However, I am still seeing the same issues when I ensured that I was pressing and releasing according to your written procedure.

I have been unable to flash both the industrial and commercial modules:

The commercial (non-industrial) goes straight to automatic setup as seen before and expected, but has the error-in-flashing issue as shown in the attached image. I believe its existing OS could still be running even though I did the force recovery power-on process.

The industrial, when attempting its first flash using manual setup, sees the “wrong device is detected” issue as we all have been seeing before.

For both attempts, I did have the warning that there was not enough space on device/sda1, as seen below. I believe this could be critical but did not know how to go about clearing space on the device, so any direction on that would be greatly appreciated as well.

I previously shared my devkit’s and industrial module’s SN so if you think that it could be an issue with my devkit or module(s) itself please do let me know. I am unsure why we are seeing this “wrong device is detected” on flashing the industrial module and would love some insight on that as well–thank you so much for your assistance and I look forward to your reply.

I just got another issue from this guy. Maybe this is a bug from SDKM.

Can you directly try with

I think the problem here is some jetson AGXI module gives out a weird 0955:7919 usb number when you check “lsusb” command on the host side. But sdkmanager does not recognize such device.

Please help me clarify your device usb number first.

“lsusb” gives me the same 0955:7919 USB number, as seen above. If you have any instructions on how to use directly with the industrial I can give it a shot later today. Hopefully this helps, thanks!

Please refer to the posts I shared. There is the command to run

BTW, can you take a photo of how is the connection of your device? I mean those usb type C ports.

Apologies @WayneWWW what would be the correct top-level directory to navigate to to run We went ahead to clear space off of dev/sda1 as well so that that warning would stop appearing.

Below is the USB-type C connection being made.

Also mentioned on that post.


If you didn’t change the default path of sdkmanager installation path.

After navigating to /nvidia/nvidia_sdk/Jetpack_4.6_Linux_JETSON_AGX_XAVIER_TARGETS/Linux_for_Tegra, I was able to run sudo ./ jetson-agx-xavier-industrial mmcblk0p1 and flash the industrial module finally! :)

The industrial boots up to the base Nvidia image now and is working as expected so far, so using directly did work whereas using SDKManager did not at this time. Now I will be trying to work on our own carrierboard and loading our version of the Nvidia image.

Thank you so much for your help and please do let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about this [hopefully] closing issue!


Seems a bug in sdkmanager. We will try to fix this.