Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial RGB cameras feed freezez

The issue I’m facing is that the video feed from 5x RGB cameras(D3) connected through a 16-ch Xavier GMSL2 board(D3) on top of a carrier board(Connect Tech Rogue AGX101) with the Xavier will either not start or freeze shortly after. However, leaving 3x cameras connected to certain ports on the GMSL2 board would not cause such a problem. Earlier this solution was working without any issues for a long time.

I had replaced the cameras, cables, GMSL2 and the carrier boards keeping the original Xavier but the issue remained. After that I had reflashed the original Xavier hoping the problem could have been caused by SW and installed the Xavier on a brand new carrier and GMSL2 boards connecting new cameras but the issue remained.

I’m now at the point where I’m confident the issue is caused by Xavier but not sure how to debug or RMA it further. Could you advise on the next steps to debug or RMA it?

hello aloushkin,

is there any failure/error logs?
may I know which Jetpack release version you’re working with.
and, which CSI port having such failures?

Hi Jerry,

The SW stack is the following:
L4T 32.5

These are a part of JetPack 4.5.

For the carrier board
JetPack 4.5 - L4T r32.5 AGX L4T r32.5 BSP

Then I flash the Xavier with our custom image and use d3-rogue-16ch.dtb.

It’s sensor ports 8 and 9. As soon as I connect the camera to any of those this issue is observed. However, if I don’t connect anything to those ports and leave cameras on ports 0,1 and 3 they work well.

I wasn’t able to find anything pointing to a potential problem in the logs. Are there any particular ones I should look into?

it looks like hardware issue, you may also contact with Jetson Camera Partners for further supports.


At this point we are confident there is something wrong with this particular Xavier because this SW/HW stack was working before and it is working in 100s of other robots.

Is there a way to further debug Xavier HW?

hello aloushkin,

let’s further narrow down the issue,
let’s check the CSI brick status. do you have other camera modules for testing camera functionality?

I have a set of 5 cameras known to be good as well as a good working CSI board in a stack with the Xavier.

hello aloushkin,

please contact with NVIDIA Customer Care team for the RMA process if you believe that your Jetson product is defective.

Hi Jerry.

The Xavier was shipped back to NVidia. Is there a way to learn what is particularly wrong with it once you guys look at it?

hello aloushkin,

it might be hardware damage, however, it needs Customer Care team to check/confirm.

Hi @JerryChang,

I received the replacement today. Thank you for your help.

Is there a way to know what exactly happened to the old Xavier?

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